Danielle Kingstrom interviews Perry Willis on Recorded Conversations

Psychology, non-aggression, libertarian philosophy, critical thinking, and UFOs Can I weave all these topics into one fabric? I tried during this podcast interview with Danielle Kingstrom. She asked great questions. Give a listen to see if I provided good answers. You can get the podcast at… Sticher Itunes Thanks Danielle!

The libertarian marketing myth

An Open Letter to the libertarian movement By Perry Willis I’ve heard it for forty years: “Libertarians have a marketing problem.” Never mind that… 30-million Americans now self-identify as libertarian. Another 30-million hold mostly libertarian views. Opinion polls routinely show majority support for libertarian stances on most issues. Even more incredible — all of this […]

Is this the best way to sell libertarian ideas?

Is this the best way to sell libertarian ideas? Retweet By Perry Willis Here’s a three-step process for presenting libertarian ideas, without having to be an expert on anything. Step One: Stand on the right foundation Many political discussions are a war of competing studies. One side has a study showing one thing, the other […]

How Matt Lauer & Charlie Rose demonstrate the power of libertarian thought

The sexual harassment scandals demonstrate libertarian superiority in a surprising way Retweet Left-statists believe that only they advocate regulation. They claim libertarians and right-statists want to live in an unregulated society. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sadly, almost no one understands this, including many libertarians. In reality… Only libertarians advocate regulation that actually […]

Why so-called socialism is anti-social

Political socialism is anti-social. Retweet By Perry Willis Socialism is a tricky word used by tricky people. For one thing, the word never seems to mean the same thing from one moment to the next. Originally… Socialism meant that some (or most) “possessions” would be owned in common, especially the means of production (factories). Later […]

Does criminal law enforcement violate the Zero Aggression Principle

Is sending a murderer to prison aggression? Retweet By Perry Willis The Zero Aggression Principle (the ZAP) is the key libertarian idea. It says… “Don’t aggress against others, personally or politically.” In other words, force should only be used for defensive purposes, including by institutions of governance, such as police and courts. But… Some libertarians […]

Six things left-statists get wrong about Walmart

Do left-statists actually dislike people who can only afford to shop at Walmart? Retweet Costco vs. Walmart By Perry Willis In this article… Should Walmart be like Costco? Six ways that Walmart and Costco are different How Walmart and Costco serve different social functions How demanding that Walmart be like Costco is like saying “Let […]

Libertarianism Q&A

Learn the whole libertarian philosophy in ten questions and answers… 1. What is crime? Crime is the initiation of force or fraud against others. 2. What is government? Government, properly understood, has one primary function — to use force defensively to fight criminals, foreign or domestic. 3. What is The State? The State is an […]