I think the future needs…

Modern minds. Our brains evolved in the Stone Age. Our problems were mostly physical then. Now our problems are mostly intellectual. We need to remodel our brains to fit our new conditions.

Fortunately, we know that our brains are plastic. They can be changed through a process of self-examination and cognitive practice. This blog will talk about what needs to be done and how to do it.

Most importantly, we must reduce the number of adrenal responses we have. Which brings us to…

Non-aggression. We must learn to better distinguish between acts of aggression and acts of self-defense. We must come to realize that consent matters in EVERYTHING. Most importantly, people must learn to stop using politics and The State to impose their personal preferences on others. This will lead to…

Better institutions. We need more peaceful persuasion and voluntary cooperation. Non-aggression must be reflected in all our institutions. This means we need less of The State and more of non-state forms of governance. The future should be rich in such institutions. This should lead to…

A lower cost of living. Non-aggression begets cooperation begets higher productivity. Higher productivity leads to both increased wages and lower prices.

In the automated world to come we will need fewer hours for labor and have more time for leisure.

The best cure for “unemployment’ caused by automation is a lower cost of living. A shorter work-day and week is the correct path forward, not violence-based universal basic income.

Radical life extension. As we contract the time spent on work we must expand the time available for life.

Life is too short. We spend too many years learning how to live, and too few years enjoying that knowledge.

We need to be younger longer. We need rejuvenation and radical life extension.

Of course, if you disagree no one will force you to participate. You can check out any time you like and you can also leave.

Space civilization. A longer-lived population will require more resources and more room.

It will help if some of us can live less on Earth and more in space.

But planets like Mars are not the answer. Low-gravity and high radiation will prove to be insurmountable barriers.

Instead, we must mine the asteroids to build O’Neil colonies! An example of such a structure is depicted in my masthead.

Demilitarize the world. War has no value. Armies have no value. I will describe a plan to demilitarize the world by bribing the Military-Industrial Complex to help build our space civilization.

Interstellar relationship. I think we are being visited by ETs. We need to learn why they’re not talking to us, so we can begin a relationship with them. I think the tasks described above are steps along that path.

Increased beauty. What will we do with our increased riches and time? We will create and experience more beauty. We will start to de-emphasize conflict-aesthetics in favor of beauty-aesthetics. I will describe what those terms mean in this blog. It will involve both art and love and also…

Sex positivity. Nietzsche had it right – sex is the presupposition of life. The nature of a person’s sexuality defines their spirit. Aesthetic experience is what justifies life and the world. And yet we treat the font of life – sex – as if it is dirty and shameful. I think this sex-negativity is uncivilized and a mark of insanity. I think our entire species is quite literally insane, which brings us back to my first point about the need for modern minds.

This blog will cover these and related topics. – Perry Willis

About Perry Willis

Perry Willis has worked as a professional libertarian for nearly 40 years. He was twice Perry Willisthe National Director of the Libertarian National Committee. He worked on 5 Libertarian Party presidential campaigns, and managed 2 of them, including the Harry Browne campaign in 2000. He is the co-founder of Downsize DC and the Zero Aggression Project. He co-created the Read the Bills Act and the One Subject at a Time Act, both of which have been introduced in Congress. He has a blog, What-the-future-needs.com, and a membership site, Super-summaries.com