Why your political conversations should focus on statist violence

Statism is a losing argument, if libertarians know how to argue. Retweet Who would have thought it possible? …an economic discussion can actually be about violence? Most libertarians assume that economic conversations have to rely on abstract concepts like the “free market” and the “law of supply and demand,” or Hayek’s “local knowledge problem,” or […]


How non-violent prices foster economic equality

How Jimmy Carter demonstrated that non-violent prices foster economic equality. Retweet Can a price be violent or nonviolent? Yes, it can. I’ll show you how below. I’ll also explain how non-violent prices foster economic equality. Let’s begin with… The Bernie Problem Left-statists like Bernie Sanders want to achieve economic equality using violence, through means both […]

Even the Pentagon admits that U.S. foreign policy causes terrorism

Here’s a fact you should know. It comes from the Defense Science Board’s 1997 Summer Study Task Force on Department of Defense Responses to Transnational Threats. Quote… “Historical data show a strong correlation between U.S. involvement in international situations and an increase in terrorist attacks against the United States.”* In other words, they don’t hate […]

How to handle conflicting headlines

Look at these conflicting headlines about Obamacare… January 7, 2016: A check up for Obamacare reveals a positive prognosis July 27, 2016: Average health insurance premiums fell after Obamacare took effect July 28, 2016: Overwhelming evidence that Obamacare caused premiums to increase substantially August 4, 2016: Obamacare is failing exactly the way critics said it would […]

Immigration control: a Trojan Horse to destroy your freedom and waste your money

Immigration control is a Trojan Horse aimed at YOU! Retweet {link broken} By Perry Willis & Jim Babka Prisons have walls. Prisons are also full of drugs and weapons — even homemade guns. The verdict is clear… Walls and guards cannot make either drug prohibition or gun prohibition work. EVERYONE should know and understand this […]

Why you should ban the words ‘Veterans Day’ from your vocabulary

Should we stop calling it Veterans Day? Retweet By Perry Willis & Jim Babka Veterans Day used to be called Armistice Day. Armistice Day remembered the moment when World War One ended, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918. Armistice Day was a valuable holiday. It constantly reminded […]

How you can prove the Left’s bigotry

Hatred of EARNED affluence, the last socially acceptable form of bigotry. #tlot Retweet My article “Perry Willis beats Bill Maher with a stick” got a lot of attention. Most loved it. But some objected. Repeatedly, the objectors said… Many rich people got that way using The State to rob people. I couldn’t agree more! Some rich […]

Are libertarians wrong about government?

Is it possible that only libertarians are truly pro-government? #tlot Retweet Can you imagine saying… “I wish we had a government. Because what we have now isn’t one?” This brief 400 word article will make the case for saying exactly that! Ask people what libertarians are against. Most will quickly say, “the government.” But is […]

Are you blaming America when you criticize American politicians?

Can you love your country yet dislike politicians and your government? Retweet By Perry Willis We did a review of U.S. military history prior to Veterans Day (2016). We’re upgrading those articles to run prior to Memorial Day. Let’s begin by addressing the most common criticism we received last year… “Why do you blame America […]